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Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is an effective way of improving the rankings of your website or page in search engine results. While Pay Per Click campaigns can help your site receive more traffic, it’s widely accepted that the majority of hits that sites receive come from organic search engine results, whereby web users find your site after searching for relevant keywords, that is why having SEO website services from a professional SEO company is crucial to get your website in front of that search traffic.

In broader terms, the earlier your website appears in search engine results, the more likely people are to visit it, which in

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business with a greater opportunity to increase revenue. Companies are finding it increasingly more important to improve web presence in this regard, that is why we are the trusted SEO company in Vietnam that can produce the right SEO website results to get you there.

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Not all companies are entirely familiar with the concept of Search Engine Optimization, and with SEO marketing becoming an increasingly larger focus in the world of online business, increasing numbers of firms are turning to online marketing strategists who specialize in SEO website services in order to increase web presence and traffic.

According to the website design prices in the market today , it may take about 5 million and 1 week after the new customer can own your own web page but the products of the Company eSite VTC VTC Intecom customers can save much more efficient , just invest 1 million in 1 day and had a website . Customers do not have the hardware investment , no operating personnel ...

With a $ 1 million websites , IT professionals said that VTC Intecom turned a superior service becomes popular service and it is also the cheapest web design quote Vietnam .

As known , the current market has pretty much the same product but the software was developed individual , not the tool should fully complete and usually have to buy more

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to use software , in when , VTC Intecom company provides leasing package as servers , domain name registration and technical operation ..

Experience effective web design for business

- Normally when designing a website for your business , the companies

do not care about this kind of web application that cares too much about all the criteria from the web interface , functionality and all the opinion of many people . The common mistake that businesses make is increasing the budget but effective application not bring much .

So experience will help enterprises applications most effectively ? Vinalink web design company is regarded

one of the pioneering Vietnamese enterprises in this field has the following advice

Website is actually divided into 3 main categories :

The first type is the "Software website " for website use code system to express the function to be " processed , calculating ... " for example Press website portal for information processing functions or stock information website , to bank data processing for e-commerce websites or

With the availability of 2GB of free storage for users of cloud storage services with basic features . Ability to synchronize data with your PC and mobile phone . However , in addition to functional data synchronization , you can take advantage of free storage space on the storage services to design one individual sites . Please post 1 introduces you to read free Web services can use Dropbox storage space to store and edit HTML files .

Site44 - 1 free web service can be turned into 1 hosting for basic users want to use .

First you visit this address Site44 , and it can allow access to your Dropbox service by clicking on the link button Sign in with Dropbox to get started , click Allow next page for accepting too keep the connection and the service Dropbox . Finally, you
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a domain in 2 ways , one is to register the domain name under Domain of Site44 (eg - xyz is user selected ) or else you have 1 domain name registration .

After you have created a new website from Site44 1 , will have 1 notification from the system tray on the new folder to appear first in your Dropbox account . Your final step is to create the HTML files for your website and add it to the user folder is created by Site44 . You can change the contents of the site at any time , when you change information in the website folder in Dropbox , immediately, the changes will be synced immediately .

Site44 store the contents of the websites in its factory and provide fast time for everyone to have access to the website because it creates .

Site44 also provide storage space for free, with one Dropbox account you can create up to 5 website usage and bandwidth 100Mb per month to use . However, there is no official information about the upgrade information for one account to increase the number of website can create and bandwidth usage , because the current Site44 is still under beta version .

The disadvantage is that it only supports static content , does not support other languages ‚Äč‚Äčlike PHP or ASP , or other language not included in the list of requirements .

Site44 is one good solution for students who want to experiment in programming and website operators with language HTM / HTML , or for individual users to use less bandwidth .

Tax Policy for website design services

24/12/2007 Document No. 5315/TCT-CS GDT guidance on tax policy for website design services .

1 . Regarding VAT rate for website design :

General Department of Taxation issued Official Letter No. 1857/TCT-PCCS dated 30.05.2006 design guide website ( branch code 7323 to 732,300 ) in the service industry software providers , so the service is not subject to VAT .

2 . Regarding tax incentives :

Pursuant to Section I, Part E 134/2007/TT-BTC Circular dated 23/11/2007 of the Ministry of Finance guiding the implementation of Decree No. 24/2007/ND-CP of the Government dated 14/02/2007 detailing the corporate income tax laws and incentive catalog sector investment ( Issued together with Decree No. 108/2006/ND-CP of September 22, 2006 of the Government detailing and implementation of a of the Law on Investment ) , the production of software products and provides software services tax incentives .

Website Design is easy with Website X5 Incommedia

Do you have a professionally designed website yet? This may be a difficult question for the condition you do not have contact with web programming language . At the moment, find yourself a website design software is very simple , plus a range of professional services to create online website launched continuously serving the needs of each user object .

Users do not need to " fiddle