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Cat Cat Sapa
Date: 27/05/2015

Cat Cat Cat Cat village or a village close to the town of Mong Sa Pa (Lao Cai province, Vietnam) 2 km. These are places of tourist attraction and Lao Cai Sapa particular general. Cat Cat village formed from the mid 19th century by an ethnic division clustered file secret method (based on the mountainside and gather together, the roof a few dozen meters apart and live, arable farming on hillsides colony). Near the colony, they also grow rice, corn on terraced fields completely follow manual methods. They know farming, livestock, and reserves quite good variety of traditional crafts such as cotton, linen and textile fabrics. It deserves to be seen as cultural attractions is both eco-tourism and leisure for tourists and cultural attractions satellite community of Sa Pa.

Coming to Sapa you will be visiting The Cat is a Sa Pa town center is only 2km, is the oldest of Mongolia retains many traditional crafts like cotton, linen and furniture crafted woven fabric jewelry. In particular, it retained many unique customs in other regions do not have, or no longer exist in original.

Here the looms, Hmong make up the colorful brocade panels and pattern simulation tree, leaves, flowers, animals ... Associated with the weaving cotton cloth, linen is embroidered stitching dyeing and printing pattern, popular indigo dyeing techniques, water stained ash tree leaf herb and forest. Fabrics dyed polished by rolling fabric with round logs on flat stones with bees wax.

In Cat Cat vocational crafted silver jewelry, copper has had a long and creates sophisticated products. The process of the silver composed of several stages. First of all, they give money to the pot on the bellows heater until melted, then poured into the trough. Wait while silver cool retrieved using a hammer, forging such that the size of a silver bar, small, long, short, square, triangle, round, flat or spun. Next, they give very smooth filing and if necessary, use a nail for decorative carvings, floating or submersible create patterns before bending of products. Finally sanding steps, as white and glossy. Is the touch of silver in Cat Cat are very rich, is the most delicate women's jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets, integrated wire bar, rings ...
One thing attractive tourism Sapa 2 days 3 nights while in Cat Cat are Hmong here still retain plenty of unique traditions, such as the continuous drag wife. When the son acquainted and fell in love with a girl, he will hold chariot, invite friends, and because of you planning "pull" girl back home unexpectedly, keeping her in three days. Then, if the girl agreed to marry the guy they will conduct an official ceremony. If she refused, they together drank a bowl of wine to you and things return to normal as no what happens. Hmong wedding in Cat Cat are usually held from 2 to 7 days.

Architecture of Mongolia many strokes Cat Cat stock: the three space Pomu roofing plywood. The chassis can house rafter three horizontal columns. The columns are listed on the stone circle or square. Roofed wooden wall split, with three doors: the main door in the nave, two side doors at both ends. The main door is always closed, open only when big deal as weddings, funerals, worship ghosts on holidays. In the church space, food stored upstairs floor where the bedrooms, kitchen and living place.
Cat Cat Sapa is formed from the middle of the 19th century here Households Residents rely on slopes and gather together. The roof of a few dozen meters apart. They grow rice on terraced fields, planting corn on mountain farming method handmade, low output. Most homes are simple, only a table, a bed and cooking stove.

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