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10 profligate spending habits when traveling
Date: 27/05/2015

Dependence on the suggestions on handbook or less consultation from the tour office and hotel staff can make you spend money "injustice" in many services that would otherwise be entitled to the price more incentives.

Whether on specific travel plans, will be unavoidable when you withdraw for a lavish meal with a delicious sense or pay a ton of money for unexpected trouble along the way. The problem so in fact it is possible to control, but many tourists are often ignored by some spending habits below.

1. Do not use travel insurance

Before the trip, almost anyone tell myself "is just a short journey and I'm not having something dangerous." However, no one knows what will happen. You may have to spend funds cure even bigger insurance rates if accidentally crash.

2. Do not Know Money Management

In cases such as the sale of goods or currency exchange, you usually never pay attention to choose the best plan. This can be considered as the foundation leads to more spending most prone to extravagance.

One of the "fighting" for the shortage of money management skills that you can use a credit card or cash withdrawals at ATMs. Note that take advantage of the branch partner bank where you open an account, because they can help visitors to withdraw cash from ATMs free travel on the road.

3. Rushing to buy airline tickets

Before the trip, many people are often too excited and flight bookings before long period of time to help impatiently. In contrast, a few tourists wander and too busy with work delayed until the last minute rush stem tangerine set.

Both alternatives were considered and could easily mistake about "profligate". The solution is so early booking is only 2-3 months because prices are not fixed and depends very much on economic factors such as the price of gasoline, oil, supply and demand market.

4. Enjoy culinary travel guide book

The restaurants, bars printed in the tourist brochures always determine who your customers are. And if they had known tourist information shop through suggestions from the handbook, service prices are often more a part of the team. To control this problem, you can go to the portal free of food, ask a friend or researched online before you visit the shop.

5. Please suggest the wrong way

Even the wise traveler, many people still unavoidable situations cry smile when questioned briefly "Eat Where to now?" With the natives. Usually they will be directed to the famous restaurant, specializing in travel for people with expensive prices.

6. Skip the tourist office

The tourist office where information is cognizant of cultural activities, entertainment, local festivities you are visiting. If you ignore this channel information, travelers may miss the fun and even pay high prices for other services.

7. No reference hostel staff

The hostel (hostel) is usually cheap place to stay and very hospitable. Therefore, if you only consider this place to reside few hours at night and completely ignore the hostel staff are likely to be highly wasteful spending. Even if only a short night, travelers should still consult and ask the hostel staff suggestions for eating, playing nearby at affordable prices.

8. Do not negotiate directly room

Price booking through the website often advertised as incentives and promotions together. However, hotels, inns still have to pay a commission to intermediaries to posting and you are contributing to the payment of this amount.

Call communication and negotiating directly with the hotel, motel will increase the chance to save a lot of room, but this is what most visitors ignore.

9. Ignore the point card service area

If you do not collect the flight path or points accumulated from the hotel, you may be squandering huge amount over time. Many people even get free airline tickets or hotel rooms rented for special incentives for the clientele.

10. Do not use the card tourists

Some countries in the world are often equipped with card services for tourists who visit the country at a relatively reasonable cost. When a card, you are entitled to incentives at the places, landscapes and use local services. Guests usually ignore this kind of spending more costly fees, not to mention also suffer queuing to visit places, landscapes.

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