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5 horror experience of room service
Date: 27/05/2015

Pick a human hand under the bed or to clean up the "waste" scattered around the hotel is unforgettable in the craft room service.

On Reddit - an entertainment site, social services celebrities - recently published horror stories relating to the service in the hotel room. Here are some experiences were rated as "worst nightmare" and "horror" that the hotel staff ever encountered.

Found the severed hand.

"I found a hand under the bed, the side of a box. Then I found out that early in a hotel clients have died. But people do not find the missing hand of him and I was found, "a man named Berthejew aforementioned Reddit scary memories of when he worked in a cheap motel.

Animal Collection

A reception also nicknamed Niggle recounts: "One time, we received a group of people to stay at the hotel. On the third day they rent a room, I constantly get calls from the third floor to complain about smelly, uncomfortable. When to check, I also smell the same.

Then I check tenants. Nothing suspicious under the bed, in the closet. Yet still smell in the room rises concentration anonymously. Upon entering the bathroom, I saw a deer being skinned in the bathtub. Water blood red color. Many fish have started to decompose and a pair of rabbit died ".

Clean "products" of dogs

Ranranbolly as a hotel receptionist, and he had to witness a rare case: "The service of our rooms are pregnant, but she still has to clean up the room for a guest at the 5 dogs. It worse as she let her dog graffiti on the floor and covered with towels to walk through them. We are obliged to invite the guest room hire away after 2 days.
Witnessing "hot"

"My best friend is the hotel staff and he has to night shift. Late at night, hotel clients call him food and to bring them up. The man opened the door body tied by a thread rope bondage style (a style sex were rated as more people get sick), and the man behind completely naked and holding a whip. You're quite a shock, however they are very generous tip I give you 50 USD ", a member recounted on Reddist.

Guest bad

"I was in a hotel maid. Once the cleaning, I found your tenants are smoking room - this is contrary to the rules and will be fined 500 USD - should turn to report to reception . When returning housekeeping and open curtains, I smell a bad smell, besides the smell of cigarettes. Then I approached the bed and blanket turned up, oh my gosh, it was wrong to room and bed "product "of him scattered into the carpet on the floor, in the bathroom, on both the walls and the toilet sink", a room service said.

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