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9 ways to decide whether to go backpacking alone
Date: 27/05/2015

If you find yourself willing to spend the night in the hostel budget, start the day very soon or simply remain comfortable being alone, you can safely travel on the road without any of you companion to go along.

Traveling alone is the sense of fun and is considered the experience anyone should try at least once in their lifetime. However, for the trip goes smoothly, you need to understand themselves and accurate decision making. If there are freak about whether to travel alone, you try to do the following tests. With the answer is "yes" at least three times, so go ahead to plan and hit the road.

1. Easy to make friends

During the trip, you generally prefer to chat and make friends with new people. This can be seen as an important factor in traveling alone by the time it is needed the basic social skills, including communication.

2. Interest in the hostel than hotel amenities

The group of friends traveling together often cost saving plenty of accommodation. So many people still prefer the hotel and fully equipped, accept a slightly higher price with the idea of "dividing the average output will definitely cheaper". However, if you do not like the plan like this and still save up budget by at hostel (hostel), you can rest assured on the road traveling alone.

3. Be willing to eat cheap meals

Backpacking abroad, hardly anyone xênh enough steam to always to the luxurious restaurant to enjoy a luxury dish native place. A meal is cheap, fast, compact usually selected to suit the majority. If the budget is not too abundant and frequent concern for the deficit miss stumbled into expensive restaurants, you can calculate their own life planning personal tour.

4. Like the city of discovery rather than a blanket to sleep

Phượt walk and not depend on anyone, you always have the chance to admire the most beautiful time, is easy to adjust the schedule if necessary. Most people prefer to travel alone mingle and explore, learn the local culture. They are also willing to pick up early dawn or actively go out rather than taking advantage of sleeping in a blanket.

Meanwhile, travel in groups with major drawback is to choose the appropriate place large numbers. And if members just like to spend the day hanging out in bars or shopping at the trade center, there will be times when you feel frustrated and regret the trip.

5. Completely comfortable being alone

This sounds easy but when done, many people feel some difficulty. The timeout period before the flight and find friends along the way are often very lonely.

Be prepared for this feeling if you're planning to travel alone. Plan to do some activities to use reasonable time as well as how to repel solitude along the way.

6. No need to ask for permission before making plans

The most important thing in the dust phượt trip is independent in itself and the ability to make decisions. Quitting job and career aside to come to the streets can be considered very vague, and that ones around you extremely scared.

Because of these factors, if not afford to take responsibility and courage to do this, you should join the short day trip or a family vacation.

7. Be willing to wake through the night

One of these places can be enjoyed through the night as the bar - easy place to make friends, dance or learn about local youth lifestyle. Depending on where each culture has different bar. In addition, you can also try white felt strange night in the city and discover the beauty of the night.

8. No specific planning

Phượt journey across Europe or drive across America, no one will know what is going to happen. If the type of people are willing to accept everything and can easily overcome insecurity, you will be fit to go phượt without any companion does the same stem.

9. Always desire to step out to the world

Make travel around the world is not an easy thing, especially when you have to arrange schedules to suit family or companions. Each has its own life and different directions, so it is difficult to find someone easily traveled four pools with you in a long time.

Appropriate time make such trips as often as single. By the time a family and a stable job, willingness to give up everything to come to the journey is difficult and can affect many relationships around.

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