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5 delicious buffalo meat across three regions
Date: 27/05/2015

Concave buffalo meat cooked, baked, upstairs kitchen ... is the delicious food made from delicious buffalo in three regions of Vietnam.

As well as buffalo meat but each region has different ways of cooking, creating unique dishes, bearing distinctive captivates visitors.

Buffalo meat upstairs kitchen

Ethnic minorities in the Northwest, North Central region with buffalo meat hanging upstairs kitchen is very attractive. But lost in the processing of buffalo meat hanging upstairs kitchen but can hold annually without risk of damage. People do often cut the meat to the array, select pieces of tenderloin, muscles in the shoulder, back, buffalo, cut into the shape of a pencil. Then marinated peppers, salt, ginger, water, forest leaves, especially indispensable leaves with Commendation (a forest pepper) and hanging upstairs kitchen for shiny black smoked, dried intolerable. Where to eat down to it, simple as eating boiled up and tear hybrid rai. Smoke renders long day special buffalo meat smell, bold flavor to form mountains outside dry, dark brown, but still part of the rosy, bright red.

Buffalo meat concave

Buffalo meat is burned to provide fragrant, clean shaven and bring small sliced, stewed in a clay pot. As security for concave on the same security, add a little rice to make the thickness plate. Buffalo meat which smelled his throne, but when cooked with concave (a tomato leaf) gave a very unique taste, sour taste of concave bar as overwhelming odor of buffalo meat, the meat Security tender infused spices become fragrant, juicy.

Grilled buffalo meat

The people of the Central Provinces usually like to eat grilled buffalo meat. Especially grilled buffalo meat bamboo tubes delicious and attractive. Baked buffalo meat is very simple: after chopping meat into thin slices, who made only on the leaf guise embers. If the bamboo tube baked fresh buffalo meat is thoroughly soaked wet spices, rolled into a tube and concave bamboo charcoal grill on the stove to burn out section of bamboo outside. When eating just split bamboo pipe and remove the disc buffalo meat. This style barbecue will not get dehydrated very sweet and fragrant smell of fresh bamboo.

Salad buff

Buffalo leather used for drums, but few know that in Son La Thai people usually do a very exotic cuisine and unique dummy buffalo leather. To keep your skin clean and soft buffalo, one forceps through the fire and soak with water. After soft enough, people do very sharp knife for slicing pieces that thick skin. After sliced buffalo leather, Thais for more savory smell us, smell vessel, water shoots and sour roasted peanuts, spices to squeeze together.

Cool dip Buffalo

To the south of buffalo meat was processed into fresh dip buffalo dishes are excellent. Thinly sliced fresh buffalo meat, marinated in lemongrass, garlic, finely minced chili, salt, sugar, monosodium glutamate to the disk. In her taste for salty, sour, spicy and set up a moderate fire for boiling. Constant boiling water cool features continental platform is embedded into the cooked buffalo meat. The accompanying vegetables like coriander, braised vegetables, oscars, broccoli, spinach ... also be dipped in fresh water pot and eat buffalo meat chewy and fragrant, dark location.

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