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Sa Pa: pure white snow on the tops of trees, roof
Date: 27/05/2015

19-2 this morning, snow had covered the tops of trees, roofs and roads in many areas in Sapa (Lao Cai). However, the situation will end sleet in the morning, or at least until this evening.
Talking Newspaper Employees 19-2 am, Le Thanh Hai - Deputy Director of the Center for Meteorology and Hydrology Forecast Central - said the impact of a new round of cold air should strengthen in Sapa (Lao Cai) has appeared snow condition.

By observation, the lowest temperature at night (18-2) in Sa Pa is - 0.2 degrees C; even at peak Mau Son (Lang Son) is - 0.6 degrees C. The delta region, midland area and Hanoi, the average temperature of 9-12 degrees C.

This is the 2nd consecutive appearance Sapa snow this winter, snowfall from mid-January 12-2013 history. However, Mr. Le Thanh Hai said the rains snow will not last as long as last appearance in 2013. "This time Snow falls in Sa Pa can not fallen snow was thick as the end of 2013. Sleet will tan fast and stop falling in Sa Pa in the morning, too slow to be alone tonight "- Mr. Hai said.

Mr. Le Thanh Hai said phase cold weather bad times will last until the end of the week. And into early next week, temperatures inched new and warmer.

Hai said in the Hoang Lien Mountains region, each year may appear 2 to 3 times the snow. As the frost phenomenon occurs more, from 5 to 6 times.

According to the Center for Hydrometeorology Lao Cai, approximately 5 hours 20 19-2 this morning, the town of Sapa snowfall intensity light, thin layer of pure white snow on the trees, houses and roads. Snow only lasted for about 40 minutes and then melted by heavy rain.

Some other upland sites Sapa district is still snow in O Quy Ho Pass density of 5-7 cm. Some other mountainous province of Lao Cai as Y Ty commune (Bat Xat) - which is located at an altitude of 2,000 m above sea level and has about 5-10 cm thick snow. Out of this morning, the snow has not yet melted.

The phenomenon of freezing rain and snow in Sa Pa has attracted many tourists visiting the country. However, for the agricultural sector in Lao Cai, this phenomenon has caused great damage. On the occasion of precipitation takes place in mid-January 12-2013, Lao Cai has lost nearly 40 billion by hundreds of animals killed; thousands of hectares of crops were damaged.

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