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Discovering Waterfalls Love
Date: 27/05/2015

Waterfalls of Love is a scenic resort in Sapa, Lao Cai province. Waterfall located in the commune of San Sa Ho, from the center of Sapa town about 4 km to the southwest and from O Quy Ho Pass about 3 km in a straight line. Waterfalls Love is also the starting point of the journey Traveling climbers conquered Mount Fansipan, the highest peak in Vietnam.
Love falls relatively close to 100m height and absolute altitude near 1800m over sea level. Gold Falls located on streams, derived from Fansipan Peak, flows through high terrain background, slope. Seen from afar, cascade-like a hat, two on the edge of the waterfall is a lush forest vegetation. Waterfalls of Love is located in the core area of ​​Hoang Lien National Park and a new location was put into operation in tourism.

The name "waterfall of Love" comes from a legend about the love story between him woodcutter O Qui them- eldest son of god mountain ranges dominate over Laos and fairies Saturday. Cascade down forming a natural bath and in legend, the fairies have chosen this place as a bath and immersed station playing until the sun went down the mountain flew to heaven.
Tourist paths to the waterfall Love is a red dirt road running through the lush bamboo forest, immense that flickers somewhere, shining gentle beauty of azalea flowers with shades of red, white, yellow quite fresh; Air in the beautiful scenery here, guests will find their time occasionally ear sound of forest trees rustling in the wind dangling ... When did this go all the way, visitors will encounter a stream, continue yeast according to the hotel's streams to operators love.
Love Falls is nearly 100m. Waterfall originates from Mount Fan Si Pan and bring cold air flowing through the background of mountains higher terrain, steep; pour torrential, rushing down the stream Gold white foam. From a distance, visitors will find a waterfall-shaped hat; Flickers after each thin layer of water flowing on either side edge of the falls is a lush forest vegetation; at the foot of waterfalls, streams Gold Iridescent winding leaning to either side are velvety green lawn stretching beneath the bamboo thickets of thorns ...

Called Love falls because according to legend that the old days, the Sun Fairy house frequented cool down here. Every time down the bath and she are very passionate, beautiful and interesting sight space here. Once, Fairy Saturday discovered a woodcutter guy is cooking the stream Gold, while waiting for it to cook, he took out trees blown bamboo flute. His flute downs, while scholarships; echoed in the mountain. Once, too absorbed in listening to his flute, she forgot about God is right, and do not tolerate cold night jungle where she had to fire his side through heating. That night, the flickering firelight, he used the woodcutter his flute blows her bewitching hear love songs, he blew or so that the deer, tigers, leopards and wild birds ... and dance Air dances and melodious tunes of flute, ... vibrant space that lasts until the sun peeks through the trees, she flew to heaven new rush. Then someday, too, until she was home and not God discovered her under the waterfall Love bathing her down again. She remembered him woodcutter to kill skin, afternoon, she looked down the sky, all the port operators love to look forward to hear his flute woodcutter but did not see him anywhere; she was so depressed and eventually turns into a golden bird flying around the mountain and kept crying for 3 hours O Qui Ho skin away inconsolable.

In the vastness of space and beautiful scenery here, waterfall Love really great attractions for its guests. To the extraction site, the travelers find the source of a romantic love story.

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